Thanks for dropping by!
I have been so lucky to have had a mom who not only had a beautiful voice, but she told me everyday, “If you have a gift, share it!” 
My years with the band 20 Years Gone really shaped who I am as a performer and I am forever grateful to the musicians I was lucky enough to share the stage with.
Moving on to Box One 12 band absolutely challenged my voice and my vocal range beyond words. Great friendships were forged and now a new and wonderful thing has happened!
 I am writing my own music! An absolute dream come true. Brian Jones is my co-writer and my producer. I work closely with the band members from Box One 12 who are now The Jacuzzi Repairmen as well and write for them. Truly awesome times!!
 You can find all of my singles on itunes, google play, deezer, amazon, pandora, spotify too!

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